So much more than your average logistics and warehouse services provider

We’re your dedicated partner in the journey of your business’s growth. Unlike traditional providers, we dive deep into understanding your unique needs, crafting tailor-made logistics and warehouse services that go beyond mere storage and transportation.

With L&M, you gain not just a logistics and warehouse service provider, but a trusted ally, committed to navigating the complex logistics landscape by your side, ensuring your operations run smoothly and your products reach their destinations on time, every time.

Consolidation and Warehouse Services

At L&M, we do more than just handle logistics. We are your strategic partner in dealing with the complicated world of wine and spirits distribution to control states. With decades of experience, we make sure your products not only get where they need to go smoothly, but also follow all the rules and requirements of each control state.

Our mission is to protect your business from fines and compliance problems, making your move into control states super easy and successful.

Specialized Consolidation Services for Wine and Spirits Vendors

Fully Automated Labeling and Pallet Audit Process

100% Compliance Guaranteed

Expert Navigation of Control State Regulations

Warehouse services
Beverage Warehousing Services

Beverage Warehousing Services

At L&M Distribution and Logistics, we understand that your rapidly expanding beverage brand requires more than just ordinary logistics services. With your brand on the verge of achieving even greater success, we offer customized 3PL warehouse solutions specifically designed to elevate your growth to unprecedented levels. Here’s how we can assist you on your journey:

Increase Minimum Order Quantity with co-packers Lot Code Tracking

Integration with Uber Freight / Coyote / Fedex / UPS

Real-time inventory visibility

GS1 Label Compliant

Layer picker / Specialty Beverage Handling Services

Bulk storage solutions (cost-effective)

At L&M Distribution and Logistics, we specialize in offering high-quality bulk pallet storage services that are customized to meet the ever-changing requirements of businesses in different industries.

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to optimize your storage strategy, improve operational efficiency, and guarantee the meticulous and professional management of your products.

Capacity for Large Quantities

Flexible Overflow Storage Solutions

Versatility for All Shapes, Sizes, and Commodities:

Advanced Tracking and Security:

Strategic Location for Easy Access

Bulk storage solutions (cost-effective)
Maximizing Sales: Seamless E-Commerce Integration

Maximizing Sales: Seamless E-Commerce Integration

We offer comprehensive third-party services that are specifically designed to streamline your operations, enhance your customer experience, and accelerate your growth in the competitive online marketplace. We are committed to being your trusted partner throughout the entire e-commerce process.

Comprehensive fulfillment services

Specialized beverage cross-docking and storage

Amazon FBA capabilities

NSF Compliant, ensuring compliance with standards for Costco, Walgreens, Amazon, Five Below, and GNC

Wine pick-and-pack services for home delivery

Expertise in control state wine and spirits logistics

Transload Services

When you team up with a company that’s all about Transload Services, you get smoother logistics, better supply chain efficiency, and cost savings.

Our experts at L&M Distribution and Logistics will help you move cargo between different types of transportation, making shipping more efficient and cheaper. Plus, we know our stuff, so your cargo gets handled and moved with top-notch care and efficiency.

Facilities strategically positioned near major U.S. ports to minimize transportation time and costs.

We use the newest logistics tech to make our operations run even smoother.

Our efficient processes make sure your goods are handled and shipped out without any unnecessary delays

If you need special handling or have specific delivery deadlines, we’ll work closely with you to not just meet, but beat your expectations.

Transload Services

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Hear from our satisfied Partners

John Baer

“L&M provides professional service in a logistically challenged market. I am confident that my portfolio of brands is in good hands.”

Matt Rickert

“Since partnering with L&M, first at their Philadelphia location and later expanding to their South Carolina location, I can confidently say it’s been a game-changing decision for Liquid Death. Over the last 3 years, L&M hasn’t just treated us as another client; they’ve embraced us as true partners. Led by Jim and his exceptional team, they are always there for us, day or night, ready to tackle any challenges that arise. The collaborative spirit at L&M has been instrumental in navigating hurdles and helping support our growth beyond expectations. Their genuine investment in our success has fostered an environment where our achievements are celebrated as their own. “