• International Shipping
  • Drayage
  • Trucking
  • Intermodal
  • Warehousing
  • Labeling
  • PLCB Entry
  • Delivery
  • Small Package Shipment (subject to local laws)
  • Personal Collection Wine Storage
  • Crossdock/Transload

From vine to table, L&M is ready.  Working with wineries the world over, L&M can arrange container shipping into an appropriate United States port, handle the importation process, receive, catalog and inventory. Domestic wineries and private collectors are also welcome to use our wine warehouse facilities and services. Our proprietary LASR system provides transparency and real time data regarding your product. Check it at any time to determine stock levels or watch your orders progress through various stages of readiness.

PLCB Trucking

L&M offers transportation services to all vendors servicing the PLCB, Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  Our motor carrier is appropriately licensed and insured to transport alcoholic beverages across state lines and within Pennsylvania.  L&M’s Leadership Team is familiar with the various regulatory requirements and special stipulations that the PLCB’s unique processes demand from suppliers.  Let us navigate the halls of Harrisburg while you focus on doing what you know:  producing and marketing wine.

Wine Warehouse

L&M offers wine warehousing and storage to any interested party.  From the private collector with 10 cases of prized personal wine to the multibillion dollar global enterprise, we welcome all comers and would be pleased to store your property in our secured facilities near major thoroughfares.  In an industry first, we charge storage fees by the day.  L&M will only invoice you for actual storage space used.  No monthly blanket charges.  

Beverage 3PL

Need a logistics partner to handle all transportation and distribution?  Our brokerage division can get freight from overseas into the United States and delivered to the final destination with only one point of contact.  Stop trying to manage a variety of relationships and the endless follow-up associated with international and domestic shipping.  Our proprietary LASR system provides total visibility throughout the process, from induction of the order all the way through delivery, including the appropriate signed documents. 

Alcohol Transportation

As a controlled substance, alcohol can be difficult to transport and transfer across state lines.  L&M is duly authorized and licensed to retrieve goods from maritime facilities, wineries, and other warehouses for transportation to all points.  Fine wine transport requires careful attention and specialized equipment; let us move your product securely with our refrigerated fleet of trailers.

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