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Beverages with high alcohol content are generally valuable and typically subjected to additional regulations when compared to wine products.  L&M has many years of experience dealing with some of the world’s largest distillers/manufacturers and we are pleased that highly esteemed companies entrust us with the management of their portfolios. We strive to excel our liquor storage services constantly.

PLCB Trucking

L&M offers a fully insured and PLCB licensed motor carrier to manufacturers of spirits.  We can do as little as simply moving the product all the way up to making introductions in Harrisburg and assisting with the entire sales/distribution process.  Let us make the appointments, navigate the procedural hurdles, and safely transport your goods.  L&M has high limits of insurance to ensure that valuable products are protected throughout the supply chain.

Beverage 3PL

Our supplier partners are world class manufacturers and marketers.  We’re specialists in movement.  From the place of birth to the place of consumption around the world, L&M can handle logistical and transportation problems so that your products arrive on time and in good order.  Our Philadelphia facility manages domestic and internationally sourced material daily, providing real time updates with our proprietary LASR system.  Logistics can be a byzantine world:  give us points A and B, we’ll figure out the rest. 

Alcohol Warehouse & Transportation

Alcoholic beverages are a highly regulated product.  Each state has different licensing requirements, placards, and oversight regimes.  L&M has been managing the transportation of alcohol for well over a decade, with customers from local artisans to multibillion dollar international conglomerates.  We can help keep you compliant while respecting your company’s bottom line. 

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